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Add condition

The add condition action allows the supplier to communicate to the requester that it must impose a particular condition upon the requester’s use of the item.


When performing the add condition action, the supplier can choose from a list of pre-defined conditions. ReShare’s defaults include the conditions that are part of the ISO 18626 protocol, and users can add additional reasons using the ReShare settings app. There is also an “Other” option. All conditions can be accompanied by an optional note.

Pausing processing

When sending a loan condition, the supplier may decide whether or not to pause processing while waiting for a response from the requester.

  • If processing is paused, the request will remain in a state of Loan conditions sent until the requester responds. The supplier can also manually mark loan conditions as agreed if they have become aware that the supplier has agreed through another communication channel.

  • If processing is not paused, the request will remain in its current state and be available for continued processing. This option assumes that the delivery of the loan conditions is binding without an active response from the requester.

Action workflow

  1. Choose the add condition action

  2. Choose a condition from the list

  3. Add a note if desired

  4. Select whether or not to pause processing while waiting for a response

  5. Click “Submit.”


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