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Fill request

The fill request action lets the user specify the item that has been selected for lending and associate the item barcode with the request record.

NCIP interactions

If NCIP is enabled, the fill request action will use the CheckoutItem message to perform a checkout of the item in the local library management system.

If the NCIP CheckoutItem call fails, check the audit log for an error message. In this situation, you can either:

  • Troubleshoot the problem in your local library management system, then retry the fill request action in ReShare.

  • Ask your local administrator to disable NCIP in the Resource Sharing Settings area. When NCIP is disabled, you can perform the fill request action again without triggering the CheckoutItem call.

Action workflow

  1. Navigate to a request that is in the Searching state

  2. Scan the item barcode to fill the request

  3. If the NCIP call succeeds or NCIP is disabled, the request will move to the Awaiting shipping state.

  4. A new action titled 'Undo last action performed' will display in the Supply app when a request is filled and the state of the request is changed to 'Awaiting shipping'. This will allow staff to undo the action if they scanned in the wrong barcode for the item.

Note: If a tenant has the “Combine supplier actions ‘fill request' and 'mark shipped’'' set, the ability to undo a filled request is not possible. Once the request changes to a state of 'Shipped' the ISO18626 protocol does not support the sending an undo message to the requester.

  1. If the NCIP call fails, the request will remain in the Fill request state

Combine fill request and mark shipped into one step

It is possible to combine the actions of fill request and mark shipped into one step.

  1. To combine the actions of fill request and mark shipped into one step, go to Settings>Resource Sharing>State/action configuration and set the Combine supplier actions 'fill request' and 'mark shipped' to Yes.


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