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Redo borrower check

When a new request is placed, ReShare can do a borrower check against your local library management system using NCIP or a similar protocol to ensure the patron is valid. If a borrower check fails, the “Redo borrower check” action will allow you to redo the check. This can be useful if you resolve an issue locally and want to move the request forward.

Action workflow

  1. Navigate to a request in the “Invalid patron” state.

  2. Click the “redo borrower check” button.

  3. Check the updated state of the request to determine the outcome of the borrower check:

    1. If the request moves to the “Validated” stated, the borrower check has succeeded.

    2. If the request remains in the “Invalid patron” state, the borrower check has failed again. Check the audit log for more detail. Borrower checks may fail due to an unknown or blocked patron.

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