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Cancel request

The cancel request action allows the requester to initiate a cancellation. Cancellations require confirmation from the supplier and cannot be initiated after the item has shipped.

Action workflow

  1. Navigate to a request that is in a state that allows cancellations.

  2. If you wish to include a note with your cancellation, click “Add note,” and enter your note into the text box that appears.

  3. Click the “Cancel request” button.

  4. A cancellation message will be sent to the supplier and the request will be assigned to a “Cancel pending” state.

    1. If the supplier confirms the cancellation, the request will be assigned to a “Cancelled” state and no further action will be possible.

    2. If the supplier denies the cancellation (usually because the request shipped without being updated correctly), the request will return to its state prior to the cancellation request.


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