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Complete request

The complete request action allows the supplier record its receipt of the returned item and close out the request.

NCIP interactions

If NCIP is enabled, the complete request action will use the NCIP check in item message to perform a check in of the item in the local library management system.

If the check in fails, check the audit log for an error message. In this situation, you can either:

  • Troubleshoot the problem in your local library management system, then retry the complete request action in ReShare.

  • Ask your local administrator to disable NCIP in the Resource Sharing Settings area. When NCIP is disabled, you can perform the complete request action again without triggering the CheckoutItem call.

Action workflow

  1. Navigate to a request in a state that allows the request to be completed.

  2. Add an optional note to the requester if desired.

  3. Scan the request ID or click the “Complete request” button.

  4. If the NCIP call succeeds or NCIP is disabled, the request will move to the Completed state.

  5. If the NCIP call fails, the request will remain in its original state.


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