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Update App

The Update app allows users to perform bulk operations on requests. The user can choose an action, then scan as many request barcodes as desired to perform that action on each request.

Supported actions

The update app supports actions that are likely to be performed in bulk. It does not currently support actions that require significant manual input, such as Respond “cannot supply” or Add condition.

Supplier supported actions include:

Fill request

Mark request shipped

Fill request and mark shipped *

* displays when State/action configuration field Combine supplier actions 'fill request' and 'mark shipped' is set to Yes.

Complete request

Requester supported actions include:


Mark returned by patron

Mark return shipped

Marked returned by patron and return shipped *

* displays when State/action configuration field Combine requester actions 'mark returned by patron' and 'mark return shipped' is set to Yes.

To use the Update app

  1. Open the Update app from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select one of the available actions.

  3. Scan the request ID barcode from the pull slip of one or more items.

  4. An icon will display to the left of each line in the list of scanned requests:

    1. A green check mark indicates the request has been updated successfully.

    2. A red x indicates that there was an error.

    3. A gray clock indicates that the update is still processing.

  5. If you receive an error:

    1. Click on the request in the list of scanned requests.

    2. If the error was due to a time out, try scanning the request ID again.

    3. If the error was due to an incorrect state transition, click the icon in the top right hand corner of the request detail display to view the request record and take additional actions.

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