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Respond "conditional supply"

The respond “conditional supply” action allows the supplier to communicate to the requester that it will supply the requested item with a condition applied.

In essence, this action combines the functions of the https://openlibraryenvironment.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PR/pages/813203484 and https://openlibraryenvironment.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PR/pages/901873684 actions. Please see the documentation for each of these actions for more detail.

Unlike the add condition action, which can be applied at any time before the item has shipped, respond “conditional supply” is only available for new requests. If the auto-responder is turned on, users will not see this option.

Action workflow

  1. Choose the respond “conditional supply” action

  2. Search your local catalog to identify an available copy of the requested title

  3. Populate the library location, shelving location, and call number fields.

  4. Choose a condition from the list

  5. Select whether or not to pause processing while waiting for a response

  6. Add an optional note. This will be delivered to the requester via the chat helper app.

  7. Click “Submit.”


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