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Respond "cannot supply"

The respond “cannot supply” action allows the supplier to say that it is unable to supply the requested item. When responding cannot supply, the supplier must enter a cannot supply reason and may include an optional note to the requester.

When a cannot supply response is sent, ReShare will automatically move the request to the next available supplier. If no additional suppliers are available, the request will be given the terminal status “end of rota.”


ReShare’s autoresponder users a real-time availability check to query the supplier’s catalog and determine whether it has an available copy of the requested title at the time the request is placed. If the auto-responder is turned on for “cannot supply,” ReShare will automatically perform the respond “cannot supply” action and the request will not require any manual intervention.

Action workflow

  1. Choose the respond “cannot supply” action

  2. Select a cannot supply reason.

  3. Add an optional note. This will be delivered to the requester via the chat helper app.

  4. Click “Submit.”



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