Dealing with uppercase words in titles

Sometimes files contain journal titles in uppercase. You can convert all uppercase titles to 'titlecase' (first letter of each word is uppercase, all other letters are lowercase) using:


However there are some issues with using this in that it will convert all words to title case, even if they are acronyms that should be in uppercase (e.g. BBC, CNN, BMJ). There are also some journal titles that are specifically in all upper (or all lower) case because that is how the title is always shown on the journal e.g. HUMOR (http://www.degruyter.com/loi/humr).

Where a file has a mixture of styles in the titles (some all uppercase, some mixed case) you can create a facet to show only those titles that contain all uppercase letters as follows:

  • Click the drop down from 'publicationTitle' column and choose 'Facet'->'Custom Text Facet'
  • In the 'Expression' box paste the following code:
  • Click 'OK'
  • You'll get a facet with two values 'True' (rows where the title is in all uppercase) and 'False' (rows where the title is not all in uppercase)
  • Clicking on 'True' will allow you to see titles and see if they should be converted to titlecase or not