Quick Fix Transformations

This page contains a number of 'quick fix' transformations designed to help with commonly seen issues in journal lists. Generally to apply these, you will need to use the dropdown at the top of a relevant column in Refine, choose 'Edit cells' -> 'Transform...' then paste the relevant transformation code into the 'Expression' box and click 'OK'

ISSNs not hypenated (e.g. 18762859 rather than 1876-2859)
ISSNs user lowercase x (e.g 1146-609x rather than 1146-609X)
Invalid end dates formatted like 2012inc(inc(toDate(value),1,"year"),-1,"day") (results in [date 2012-12-31T00:00:00Z])
Invalid end dates fomatted like 2012-12inc(inc(toDate(value),1,"month"),-1,"day") (results in [date 2012-12-31T00:00:00Z])