NCSU staff have been involved with GOKb project in three aspects: Elsevier package updates, title history work, and building Macros for OpenRefine.


Kristen Wilson: GOKb PI and project manager

Xiaoyan (Yan) Song: Coordinator for local GOKb activity across department

Eric Hanson: Lead for macro work

Lisa Madden: Lead for title history

Elsevier Package Update

NCSU librarians and staff are ingesting and updating Elsevier serial packages in GOKb. For more information about this work, visit Elsevier Provider Documentation.

Title History

The DPP unit staff, led by unit specialist Lisa Madden, with help from ERL Tessa Minchew, work on the title history project. The project will populate title history information for all serial titles in Elsevier packages.


Led by Eric Hanson, the team has built Macros for Elsevier packages and will continue developing macros for other provider packages. The macros have simplified package ingesting process in OpenRefine and saved staff time significantly. For macro examples, visit Elsevier Provider Documentation page.



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