Where can I find instructions for OpenRefine warning labels?

The OpenRefine Errors and Warning Messages page contains a complete listing of pre-ingest data errors and how to fix them.

Why can't I log in to the GOKb extension in OpenRefine?

There may be an update to the GOKb extension that has caused an error in your version of OpenRefine, the GOKb extension, or both. Uninstall both programs and reinstall using the instructions for OpenRefine and the GOKb extension. Clear the cache on your browser, close your browser, and wait at least 5 minutes before restarting OpenRefine.

How do I handle duplicate ISSNs/eISSNs in a package in OpenRefine?

You will need to review and reconcile the titles. Additional instructions are available in the list of warnings and error messages: OpenRefine Warning Message: One or more rows contain duplicated data for column "title.identifier.issn" (or "title.identifier.eissn")





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