Dealing with Expected TIPPs in OpenRefine

What are expected TIPPs?

In GOKb, TIPPs with a status of "expected" are titles that a content provider has announced will be part of a package, but which are not available yet. In many cases, these titles may not have published any issues online. However, in many cases they may have a basic web site with information about the upcoming title. You can add a TIPPStatus column to your project to identify these titles as expected.

How do I identify an expected TIPP?

Most expected TIPPs come to light because they lack key pieces of information, notably URL or coverage dates. The validation rules built into OpenRefine will highlight titles that lack this information.

  • If you are researching a title, you may find that it doesn't have a URL – i.e., you search for the title using Google or a provider's search and find nothing. In this case, you will need to delete the title from your Refine project, as a URL is required for import. You can create the title manually in GOKb or just wait for more information to be added to the provider's title list in the future.
  • If you are researching a title, you may find a URL but no published issues – i.e., no coverage dates. In this case, you can import the TIPP as "expected" using the steps below.

Setting TIPPStatus to "Expected"

If you have identified one or more expected TIPPs in your project, you can add them to GOKb by following the steps below:

  • Select the quick resolution menu for the warning message that reads "Import does not specify a TIPPStatus column."
  • Choose "add a blank column" to add a new column with the TIPPStatus heading.
  • For any titles that you have identified as expected, enter the value "Expected" in the TIPPStatus column.
  • You can leave any current titles blank – their status will be interpreted as "current" by the GOKb import process.