GOKb New Data Manager Guide

1. Contact the GOKb editor

If you are interested in becoming a data contributor, contact Jennifer Solomon, GOKb Editor, about your potential participation. 

2. Register for accounts

You will need to register for accounts to use GOKb and related tools.

3. Request permissions

Once you set up your GOKb and Kuali accounts, notify an editor that your accounts are ready. An editor will then set the permissions for your accounts.

4. Install software

 Install OpenRefine and the GOKb extensions on your computer.

5. Attend GOKb training

Contact an editor to schedule your training session, which will cover data collection and data loading.  

6. Locate data

Identify the data that you plan to load into GOKb. You may want to consult with the editor to be sure that your data is of appropriate quality. This will be covered in training and a tutorial is also available. An editor can also provide you with sample files to work with.

7. Load data to GOKb Test

You will need to load your data to GOKb Test using OpenRefine, address any review tasks in GOKb, and finalize your package information. This will be covered in training and a tutorial is also available.

8. Get feedback from editor

A GOKb editor will review your data and provide feedback on any data that needs to be changed or fixed. If necessary, you may be asked to reload your data on GOKb Test. 

9. Finalize responsibilities

The editor and user will agree on what data the user will be responsible for on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Provider/package responsibilities
  • Update schedules
  • Data quality issues that need to be resolved long term (e.g., title histories)
  • Provider page and documentation

10. Load data to GOKb Live

Once you have successfully completed the training phase using GOKb Test, you will get access to load data onto GOKb Live.



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