GOKb Data Management Wiki

GOKb is a freely available data repository that contains key publication information about electronic resources as they are represented within the supply chain from content publishers to suppliers to libraries. GOKb is currently available for public preview.

This wiki is targeted toward subject matter experts (SMEs) who are collecting data and contributing it to the GOKb project. Information for potential users and partners can be found on the GOKb project web site.

For questions, contact the GOKb staff at info@gokb.org

Getting started

How to access GOKb

New Data Manager Guide

GOKb Data Loading Cheat Sheet


Tutorial: Getting Started with GOKb

Tutorial: GOKb Data Collection

Tutorial: GOKb Data Ingest using OpenRefine

Tutorial: GOKb Data Ingest and Enrichment using YGOR

Tutorial: Finalizing Data Ingest in the GOKb Web App

Tutorial: Add Title History Details Post-Ingest



Provider Management

OpenRefine How-Tos

OpenRefine Error and Warning Messages

OpenRefine Troubleshooting

GOKb Web Application How-Tos

GOKb Style Guide

Release Notes

Recent space activity

Space contributors