Install OpenRefine


Step 1: Download OpenRefine

Step 2a: Install OpenRefine (Windows)

  • Download the Windows kit and locate the file in your browser's download folder.
  • OpenRefine will be downloaded as a .zip file.
  • Right click on the file name and select "Extract all..."
  • Extract the files to the location of your choice. You may wish to use "Program Files," "My Documents," or another common file location. 
  • You may also wish to rename the folder something clear and helpful, like "OpenRefine."
  • Open the openrefine folder to access the OpenRefine application. Double click the application and it will open in your default web browser. A command line window will open as well. You will need to leave this open to run the program.

Step 2b: Install OpenRefine (Mac)

  • Download the Mac kit and open the file from the dock.
  • Drag and drop the Refine icon into the Applications folder (or another folder of your choice).
  • Open the "Google Refine" icon to start the program. It will open in your default web browser.

Note: Both the 2.5 (Google Refine) and 2.6 (OpenRefine) downloads for Mac are producing errors when used with Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Several workarounds are suggested here, if you feel comfortable experimenting. Otherwise, if you need help installing OpenRefine on a Mac, please contact Kristen at

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