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Institutional patron IDs

If you are using the “Check out item” integration as a supplier, you will need to configure one or more institutional patron identifiers in ReShare. ReShare will tell your LMS to check out supplied items to an institutional patron account. The institutional account represents the university or interlibrary loan program to which the item is being lent, rather than an individual patron.

Default institutional patron ID

ReShare supports a default institutional patron ID. This will be used for check out if there is no institution-specific ID available. The default institutional patron ID is a required field for the check out item service.

(Note that Alma does not use an institutional patron ID for check outs. Alma libraries can populate the default institutional ID with a “-” character.)

To set up:

  1. Navigate to Settings>Resource sharing>Request defaults

  2. Populate the “Default institutional patron ID” field with the barcode of your default patron account.

  3. Save.

Institution specific institutional patron IDs

You may choose to use a different patron account to represent each requesting library in your network. These IDs are configured in the Directory app.

To set up:

  1. Open the root directory entry for the institution for which you are entering the ID.

  2. Select Actions>Edit.

  3. Click on “Local directory information.”

  4. Populate the “Institutional patron ID” field with the barcode of that represents that institution in your library management system.

  5. Save.

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