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NCIP Check Out Item

The NCIP Check Out Item service allows ReShare to automatically check out an item in your local catalog to a patron account of your choice.

The account used to check out the item typically represents either a borrowing program or a particular borrowing institution. ReShare refers to this an an “institutional patron ID.”

Check out occurs when you fill a request in ReShare.


The following requirements must be met for the NCIP check out to be performed successfully.

  1. You must configure your host LMS integration and local NCIP settings in the ReShare Settings app.

  2. You must configure, at minimum, a default institutional patron ID. You may also configure individual IDs for the other institutions in your consortium.

  3. Your local circulation rules must be configured such that the institutional patron account is eligible to borrow the material being supplied.


The Check Out Item service will supply the following data to your LMS to support the service.

  • Item ID: The barcode found on a physical item that is used to fill a ReShare request. This item barcode is scanned into the system when filling a request.

  • Patron ID: The patron ID configured for the requester or the default institutional patron ID, if no requester-level ID is available.

The check out item service will receive and store the the following data in ReShare after a successful check out.

  • Due date: The due date provided by your LMS will be stored in ReShare’s due date field and used to flag overdue items. If your due dates are not correct, you must correct the problem using the circulation policies found in your local LMS.

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