Create a Title List From Scratch

Some providers do not offer their title lists in a format that is compatible with OpenRefine. These publishers may offer only HTML pages or PDF brochures. In these cases, it may be necessary to create a title list from scratch by gathering information from the provider's web site and other sources.


  • Download a copy of the GOKb data template (Excel, CSV). 
  • Use the provider web site and other sources to collect a list all of the titles in the package you're working with, as well as the KBART metadata about each one.
  • Helpful sources for data include:
  • Add each title and any metadata you can locate to a row on the spreadsheet.
  • If reasonable, add title history details for each title.
  • Save the title list you've created to the appropriate Provider Management Profile.

Next step

GOKb Data Ingest Using OpenRefine.


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