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ReShare 1.7 release notes

Release date: January 21, 2022

Summary: This release includes bug fixes and enhancements needed by the ReShare early implementers. It also includes two new features to support managing workflow exceptions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem that resulted in messages not being marked read if the message pane was already open when they were first viewed. All messages now will be marked as read when viewed, regardless of whether the pane is opened or closed initially. (This assumes that the “auto-mark as read” setting is enabled.)

  • Fixed a problem that resulted in success and failure messages being reversed for conditional responses. Conditional responses will now display the correct message.

  • Fixed a problem where the “date of publication” field was being required for request submission via the staff tool, even though it was not marked as required. “Date of publication” will no longer be required.

  • Fixed a problem where the transition from “Awaiting pull slip printing” to “Searching” was not captured in the audit trail. Going forward, an entry will be added when slips are printed for the first time.

  • Fixed a problem where a supplier was being assigned twice to a request.

  • Fixed a problem in the ReshareApplicationEventHandlerService.sourcePatronRequest() to correct an issue where it was being called with a request in an unexpected state.

  • Changes to custom properties in Directory are now displaying properly across all tenants.


  • The audit trail now displays usernames for events initiated by a staff user. System-initiated events will not contain a username.

  • “Could not supply” has been removed from the supplier’s list of closure states.

  • A global callout is now used to display success/errors messages.

  • The Symphony adapter now uses bib attribute 1016 when searching on local id.

  • The display label for Local request auto responder was updated.

New features

  • A new “Close request manually” action is now available for all open requests. This action allows a library to close its own copy of a request in case of error or unresponsiveness. The message sent has been revised to read more clearly based on the sender’s role.

  • The resource sharing system now respects the “ILL loan policy” field on an institution directory entry. This allows a library to turn off lending completely.

Non-functional changes

  • The hard-coded PALCI pull slip logo was replaced with a neutral image so that PALCI logo does not accidentally appear on other consortia's slips.


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