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ReShare 1.6 release notes

Release date: November 30, 2021

Summary: This release focuses on bug fixes affecting early implementers, as well as improvements to overdue management and search and filter options.

Bug fixes

  • Made changes to prevent long running message responses from timing out and causing requests to become inoperable.

  • Fixed a problem that was preventing changes and deletions to lending symbols in Directory from propagating to the other members of a consortium.

  • Fixed a problem that was preventing users from adding and removing tags from directory entries.

  • Fixed the display of unparsed due dates in the Request app.

  • Fixed the NCIP library’s parsing of due dates so the correct due date is passed to ReShare.

  • Fixed the disappearance of NCIP failure messages.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented requests that were never sent to a supplier from being fully cancelled.

  • Fixed a problem that was preventing requester and supplier from exchanging messages when a request was overdue.


  • Enabled the “hide completed” filter by default in the Request and Supply apps.

  • Improved the default reverse sort by date so that it will not be inadvertently removed.

  • Added a separate “mark pull slips as printed” button, instead of automatically marking them printed when the print dialog is opened.

  • Added enhancements to prevent overdue requests from becoming in operable.

    • Allow users to receive overdue items.

    • Only transition requests to Overdue if they are in the Supplier’s “Shipped” state.

    • Allow users to disable the use of NCIP-provided due dates.

    • Provide a warning message if the due date provided by NCIP is less than one week from the current date.

Non-functional changes

  • Migrated the Request and Supply apps to Search and Sort Query to support better UI functionality and to keep ReShare in line with FOLIO platform best practices.

  • Migrated the results list in the Request and Supply apps from stripes-connect to react-query to keep ReShare in line with FOLIO platform best practices.

  • Incorporate Knowledge Integration toolkit.

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