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Messaging between requester and supplier

ReShare supports messaging between the request and supplier for a given request. Messages are stored with the request record and pertain only to that request. If a supplier declines the request and a new supplier is assigned, the new supplier will be added to the message thread and the old supplier will be unable to add new messages.

It is important to note that messaging is between institutions, not individuals. Messages will be associated with the institution name of the sender only. Messages will be visible to all users of the institution’s ReShare tenant, and any changes to messages (such as marking as read) will be made for all users.

Messages are recorded in the audit trail of the request. Once a message has been marked as read, staff can view a history of the messages exchanged through the audit trail.

Reading messages

  1. If you have one or more unread messages associated with a request, you will see a badge with a count of unread messages in list view within the Request and Supply apps.

  2. Open the request record in Request or Supply app.

  3. Click the icon for the Messages helper app in the top righthand corner of the screen.

  4. The Messages pane will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

  5. You will see all past messages along with the name of the sender of each one.

Sending messages

  1. You can send a new message by entering text into the field at the bottom of the Messages pane and clicking “Send.”

  2. You can also include messages with certain actions. Click the “add note” button next to an action to include a message. Type in your message before scanning the barcode or manually submitting the action.

Read status

Messages have a read status. By default, a message will be marked as read as soon as any user opens it in the Messages pane for the first time. This status is for the system as a whole, not individual users.

Users can manually change the read status of a message by clicking on the three dot menu next to a message and selecting “mark as unread” or “mark as read.” Note that users can only change this status for messages from the other party, not their own institution.

Users can also modify the default behavior of the system so that messages are not marked as read by default, but must always be manually marked. To make this change, navigate to Settings>Resource Sharing>Chat settings and edit the “Auto mark as read” setting to the desired value.

  • Off: All messages must be marked as read manually.

  • On: All messages will be marked as read when the Messages pane is open.

  • On (Excluding action message): Regular messages will be marked as read when the Messages pane is open; action messages must be marked as read manually.


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