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Host LMS integrations

ReShare can be configured to work with your local library management system (LMS) using the NCIP protocol and other APIs. This page provides an overview of the process for configuring an LMS integration.

Note that each LMS may differ in its implementation of a particular integration. Please see the LMS integrations page for your local system for more details.

Configure host LMS integrations

Host LMS integration settings tell ReShare which LMS you are using and which integrations are active.

ReShare currently supports four points of integration via NCIP and similar protocols.

To configure host LMS integrations:

  1. Go to Settings>Resource sharing>Host LMS integration settings.

  2. Set each of the services you wish to use to “NCIP.”

  3. Choose the name of your LMS for the “Host LMS integration” field.

Configure NCIP settings

NCIP settings provide ReShare with the information it needs to interact with your LMS. You may need to perform local setup activities in your LMS before it can work with ReShare.

To configure NCIP settings:

  1. Go to Settings>Resource sharing>Local NCIP settings.

  2. Populate each of the fields that appear on this page

Configure institutional patron IDs

If you are using the check out item integration, you will need to provide one or more institutional patron identifiers. ReShare will tell your LMS to check out the item to this patron account. The institutional borrower represents an institution or an interlibrary loan program, rather than an individual.

See Configuring institutional patron IDs for more detail.

Note: Alma does not require an institutional patron ID because it will check out items to a resource sharing partner configured within the system.

Configure pick-up locations

If you are using the accept item integration, you will need to make sure that you have at pick-up location configured with a valid Host LMS location code. This code will used to tell your LMS where your patron wishes to pick up their materials.

See Creating and managing pick-up locations for more information.

Configure Z39.50 settings

ReShare uses Z39.50 to access real-time availability information about items in your LMS.

To configure Z39.50:

  1. Go to Settings>Resource sharing>Z39.50 settings.

  2. Populate the Z39.50 server address field with the URL needed to access your service.

Configure auto-responder

The auto-responder uses the Z39.50 service to check for availability when a request is assigned to your library as a supplier. You must choose an option for the types of responses you wish to send.

See Auto-responder for more detail.

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