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NCIP Integrations

NCIP is the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol. It is used to support interoperability between circulation applications and interlibrary loan systems (among other uses). ReShare uses NCIP to automate particular functions in a library’s local library management system (LMS).

NCIP services

ReShare currently supports four NCIP services.

  • NCIP borrower check validates patrons and provides basic patron information from the LMS when a ReShare request is submitted. (Also known as NCIP Lookup User.)

  • NCIP Accept Item creates temporary item records in a requester’s LMS and places holds for the requesting patron when a request is received.

  • NCIP Check Out Item checks out items on the LMS when a request is marked as “Supplied” in ReShare and provides a due date.

  • NCIP Check In Item checks in items on the LMS when a ReShare request is marked returned by patron and completed.

Common NCIP errors

Please see the Common NCIP errors page for more information about NCIP errors and troubleshooting.

NCIP implementations

Each LMS vendor has implemented NCIP slightly differently and requires unique configuration instructions. Please see the list of Library management systems supported by ReShare for more details about a given LMS.


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