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NCIP Accept Item

The NCIP Accept Item service creates temporary bib and item records in the Host LMS of the requesting library, and places a hold on the item for the patron who initiated the request.

Accept Item is triggered when the requester receives a supplied item.


The following requirements must be met for the Accept Item service to be used successfully.

  1. You must configure your host LMS integration and local NCIP settings in the ReShare Settings app.

  2. You must be working with a request that contains a valid patron ID recognized by your ILS in the User ID field.

  3. You must have a valid pick-up location code in the “LMS location code” of the directory entry for the pickup location being used. This code must exactly match the code used by your LMS when it creates a new request/hold.

  4. Your local circulation rules must be configured such that the patron associated with the request is eligible to borrow the temporary item at the specified pick-up location.


Accept Item will supply the following data to your LMS to support the AcceptItem service. Note that each individual LMS may use this data to populate records in a slightly different manner.

  • Title: The value from the “Title” field of the request’s citation metadata record.

  • Author: The value from the “Author” field of the request’s citation metadata record.

  • ISBN: The value from the “ISBN” field from the request’s citation metadata record.

  • Item ID: The value from the “Request iD” field on the request record – e.g., EAST-1235.

  • User ID: The value from the “User ID” field on the request.

  • Pick-up location: The value from the “LMS location code” field on the directory entry of the pick-up location associated with the request.



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