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Supply Troubleshooting

Reprinting Pull Slips

Pull slips may be reprinted at any time individually or as a batch. In ReShare, reprinting a pull slip is no different than printing a pull slip for the first time. More information about printing pull slips can be found in the Supply Processing section of this guide: Getting Started in ReShare - Supply Processing

Whenever you reprint a pull slip, ReShare will alert you to the fact that this request has already been printed previously!

Resolving NCIP Errors

The kinds of NCIP errors that can occur when trying to supply a book via ReShare are analogous to the kinds of errors that can occur when attempting to check an item out to a patron in-person at a service point. As such, the same type of troubleshooting skills can be used to investigate these errors. While NCIP error messages vary by ILS, the following questions can be helpful in determining the cause of an NCIP error when supplying requests:

  • Is there something about the item’s location or loan policies as set in the ILS that may prevent it from being circulated?

  • Is there something about the item’s status in the ILS that may prevent it from being circulated?

  • (For ReShare users that have configured institutional patron accounts for managing supplied materials) Is there something about the patron account this item would be charged to that would block a checkout?

  • Is there something about the item or the institutional patron account involved in the action that requires manual staff authorization prior to completion (e.g. an item that requires supervisor authorization prior to checkout)?

  • How often is an NCIP error appearing?

    • With every request at every point i.e. all supplying and requesting operations? - Likely issue with NCIP settings

    • With all requests submitted by a specific requesting library? - Likely issue with the institutional patron account for that library in your ILS

    • With only this item - Likely issue with item


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