GOKb 4.1.1 Release Notes

New features


  • New display for list of projects includes "My Projects" tab, filtering, and sorting. 
  •  Imprints can be imported using OpenRefine.

Web Application

  • Curatorial group assignments can now be made for packages, organizations, and users.



  • ISSNs now match against both the ISSN and e-ISSN namespaces when matching and merging titles.

  • Warning message is displayed if a duplicate column is present. 

  • Users can attach data files to a license record. 

Web Application

  • Review task is now created if an ISSN is created in GOKb with a conflicting type (i.e., appears as both an ISSN and e-ISSN in the kb).

  • To-Do List now filters to open tasks by default.

  • More informative confirmation message for "Replace Platform" action. 

  • Users can edit URL during title change and transfer actions.

  • Actions menu is available at top and bottom of page.

  • Sort mechanism available for all columns.

  • Admins can link to edit ref data values from component view.

  • New attributes for platform record.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed issue causing unnecessary review tasks and some titles not to ingest.

  • Custom ID field in is now called gokb.title.{fieldname} for consistency.

Web Application

  • Review task notes now save correctly.

  • Review task history and notes now display on full record view.
  • Parent menu is not shown if sub-menu is empty. 

  • Info tool tip can now be closed by clicking anywhere.