Tutorial: Data Ingest and Enrichment using YGOR


YGOR is a tool for uploading KBART files including automatic enrichment by the title data of the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB). In contrast to OpenRefine it uses the Cross-Referencing API of the GOKb and enriches the data.

Find KBART files

The source for KBART files from providers are documented in the GOKb wiki . Please add new providers to the wiki. If there is no information about a provider available, please check:

  • Are the sources listed in the KBART registry?

  • Are there informations on the provider's website?

  • Does the provider send them on request?

  • Do you have to create the KBART file by your own?

Check KBART files

  • Are the column names correctly named according to the KBART-II standard?

  • Is the file encoded as UTF-8?

  • Are there complete entries for         

    • print_identifier (ISSN Print) OR online_identifier (ISSN Electronic) OR zdb_id (German Journal Catalogue ID)

    • title_url

    • coverage information (especially date_first_issue_online)

Check or create provider

  • Is the provider already registered in the GOKb?

  • Is the role of the provider “content provider” or “publisher”?

  • Does he have a searchable name? Otherwise, add name variants.

  • Are identifiers of corresponding authority records available (e.g. VIAF, GND, ...)?

  • Is there an identifier namespace corresponding to internal title IDs of the provider?

Check or create plattform

  • Is the correct platform URL entered under “Primary URL”? Otherwise, check the platform provider's website or enter the domain from the title_url in the KBART file.

  • Does the platform have a searchable name? Otherwise, add name variants.

Preparation in YGOR

  • Select file, upload and specify the correct column separator.

  • Specify package title according to GOKb naming conventions (<Provider>: <Packet name>: <Scope> and/or <Year>).

  • Select correct provider and platform.

  • Specify ZDB package identifier if available.

  • Select sources for enrichment of title data (KBART should always remain selected).

  • Start enrichment

Evaluation of YGOR import statistics

  • Display statistics and if errors occur, check the corresponding entries. 

  • Correct the data

  • Repeat enrichment process if necessary.

Sending the data to the GOKb

  • Select “Send Titles to GOKb”.

  • Select “Send packages to GOKb”.

Postprocessing of data in the GOKb

  • Revising package information in the GOKb .

  • Revise review requests.

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