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ILLiad ReShare Server Addon

Atlas Systems has released a server add-on for ILLiad that integrates with ReShare. This page supplements the information provided by Atlas Systems in the Add-on Directory.

ReshareAPIUsername and ReshareAPIPassword

The ILLiad ReShare Server Addon requires the creation of a user in the ReShare tenant to perform checks on the status of requests. The username and password of the ReShare API user are two of the settings in the ILLiad Customization Manager. To create the ReShare API user, go to the Users app and under the “Actions” menu select “New”.

These are the suggested field values for the ReShare API user:

  • Last name: ILLiad ReShare API User

  • Patron group: (does not matter; “staff” is suggested)

  • Status: Active

  • Username: illiad-user

  • Email: any email address; this email address only used to receive this user’s password reset link

  • Preferred contact: email

Select “Save & close” at the bottom of the page. To reset the password of the ReShare API user and add the appropriate permissions:

  1. In the Users app search box, search for the user (e.g. search for “ILLiad”)

  2. Select the ReShare API user from the “User search results” table.

  3. From the Actions menu in the upper right corner of the page, select “Edit”

  4. Under the “FOLIO password” heading, click “Send reset password email”

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and open the “User permissions” accordion

  6. Select “Add permission”

  7. In the “Search & filter” column, search for “ILLiad”

  8. In the “Permissions” table, select “ReShare ILLiad API User”

  9. Click “Save & close” (for the “Select permissions” dialog) and “Save & close” (for editing the user).

Check your email for the account activation and password reset link. Follow that link to set the password for the ReShare API User.

When you follow the password reset link, there must not be an active ReShare session in your browser. Either:

a. Log out of ReShare in your browser, or
b. Open the password reset link using an incognito browser window.

If there is still an active ReShare session, following the password reset link will result in seeing the ReShare homepage rather than the “Set new password” page. This is a problem with the underlying FOLIO/Stripes component (STCOR-406).

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