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Host library management system (LMS) locations in ReShare represent your library’s locations. ReShare allows you to manage these locations by setting supplying priorities across locations, blocking locations from lending, and configuring overrides to block certain Host LMS location/shelving locations from lending.


If you do not use the Z39.50 auto-responder to reply to requests AND you wish to designate a location value when marking a request “will supply” you can manually add a new location to the Host LMS locations table

NOTE:Although Host LMS locations can be added manually when you use the Z39.50 auto-responder to reply to requests, it is recommended that users allow the auto-responder to automatically add the locations to the Host LMS locations table to guarantee that the value added to the Host LMS location code field is exactly as it is returned from Z39.50.


Clicking the three dots icon will allow you to add, update or remove a shelving location override to the Host LMS location.

Note for Libraries sharing an LMS

The Host LMS location table at libraries that share an LMS will include locations from all libraries, as the Z39.50 auto-responder will return results from all locations in its database. Set the supplying priority to -1 for any Host LMS locations that belong to other libraries.