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Submitting a request using VuFind

Library patrons can submit ReShare requests using the VuFind discovery layer. This is the primary method available to patron users.

To place a request:

  1. Identify the title in VuFind that you want to request.

  2. Click the request button on the search result or full record display.


  3. If you have not already logged in, you will be prompted to do. Select your institution and log in using your university credentials.

  4. Fill out the information in the request confirmation form and click “confirm request.”

    1. Pick up location (required) – The service point where the patron will pick up the requested item when available.

    2. Date needed – The date by which the patron needs to receive the material

    3. Volumes needed – If the work is a multi-volume set, the patron can specify which volumes they need.

    4. Notes – Any additional notes about the request.


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