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Users settings

The Users app and its related settings are part of the core FOLIO platform and therefore contains data elements and functionality related to other FOLIO applications not used by ReShare. This page addresses only those settings that are relevant to the ReShare system. Any settings not listed below should be ignored in the ReShare context.

Permission sets

Permission sets are groupings of permissions that can be assigned to a user en masse. Creating permission groups can save your administrator the trouble of assigning many permissions one-by-one.

Each permissions group includes a name, a description, and a list of permissions associated with the group. Once the group is created, it will be available in the Users app when assigning new permissions.

See the User permissions page for more details about available permissions and the process of assigning permissions.

Patron groups

Patron groups define the type of patron a user is. Examples include faculty, staff, undergraduate, graduate, etc. The patron groups defined in the Users settings will appear as choices to populate the “patron group” field” when creating a new user record. Currently, this data is purely informational in ReShare and is not used to determine eligibility for lending.


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