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Users data dictionary

The ReShare Users app is used to manage staff users of the ReShare system. Its primary purposes are to manage permissions and login details.

Patron users are not currently managed in the Users app. Patron information is displayed on the request record in the Request and Supply apps, and requests can be searched by patron name in the Request app only.

The Users app is part of the core FOLIO platform and therefore contains data elements related to other FOLIO applications not used by ReShare. The data dictionary below addresses only those data elements that are relevant to the ReShare system. Any data elements not listed below should be ignored.

User information

Data element


Data element


Last name

The last name of the user

First name

The first name of the user

Middle name

The middle name of the user

Preferred first name

The preferred first name of the user. This can be used for a nickname or other variation from the official first name.

Patron group

A label that describes the type of user. Note that ReShare currently does not use the Users app to manage library patrons or borrowing privileges. Any patron group labels assigned at this time are purely informational.


The status of the user account; can be “active” or “inactive.”

Expiration date

The expiration date of the user account. If the expiration date passes, the account status will automatically be set to “inactive.”


A patron barcode. Note that this barcode is not currently used for any ReShare functions, so any data entered is purely information at this time.

Extended information

Data element


Data element



The username that the user will use to log into ReShare. This username will be set by whoever creates the account. It can be changed in the future by anyone with permissions to edit a user account.


The password for an account is not shown or editable in the users app, but this field provides the ability to send the user a password reset link. The user can also trigger a reset from the login screen.

Contact information

Data element


Data element



The email address of the user. This will be used by the system for password resets.


The phone number of the user.

Mobile phone

The mobile phone number of the user.

Preferred contact

The preferred contact method for the user. Note that that this time, email is the only option.


The physical address of the user.

User permissions

This section displays the permissions assigned to a user. Any user with the permission to assign user permissions can add or remove permissions from a user record. See the Users settings page for more details about available permissions in ReShare.

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