Tutorial: GOKb Data Ingest Using OpenRefine


This tutorial will teach you how to use the OpenRefine application, along with the GOKb custom extension, to normalize and validate title lists collected from vendor web sites. Once validation is complete, you will be able to ingest data into GOKb.


You will need a Windows or Mac computer with a web browser, OpenRefine, and the GOKb extensions installed. You will also need content provider title list data in a delimited format (e.g., .xlsx, .csv, .tsv).


Load a File Into OpenRefine

Check a File Into GOKb

Clean up data in OpenRefine (KBART files)

Clean up data in OpenRefine (Unformatted Files)

Ingest a project into GOKb

Next steps

Tutorial: Finalizing Data Ingest in the GOKb Web App

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