Process Review Tasks in GOKb

When you ingest a package into GOKb using OpenRefine, the system will automatically detect possible errors or problems and create a review task for each one. After you've ingested a package, you should review all the review tasks that were generated as a result of the ingest. Note that addressing all review tasks related to a project may need to be done over several days or even longer depending on the quality of your data.


Step 1: Locate your review tasks

  • Go to ToDo>My ToDos
  • Filter your task list to show only open tasks.

Step 2: Investigate review tasks

  • Look at each open review task and determine what, if anything, needs to be done to resolve it.
  • Consult the list of system-generated review tasks for more information about how to resolve each type of task.

Step 3: Set review task status

  • If you need to continue to work on a review task later, you can either leave it open or set the status to "Needs review."
  • If you would like to reassign the review task to another user
    • Set the status to "Needs review."
    • Under the "Actions" menu, choose "Transfer to...."
    • Select the user who you want to assign the task to.
    • You can also include a note.
    • Click "Transfer."
  • If you have resolved a review task, you can set the status to "Closed."

Step 4: Verify that all review tasks are resolved

  • Return to the To-Do list menu.
  • Verify that all tasks associated with your project have a status of closed.

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