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The respond to cancellation action allows the supplier to confirm or deny a cancellation that has been initiated by the requester. Cancellations are not allowed if an item has already been shipped. However, it is possible that an item may have been shipped without the record being properly updated, and the deny option allows the request to proceed.

If the cancellation auto-responder is enabled, the user will not need to manually respond to the cancellation.

Action workflow

  1. Navigate to a request in the Cancel request received state

  2. Click the Respond to cancellation button.

  3. Choose a cancellation response:

    1. Accept: If you accept the cancellation, the request will be placed into a Cancelled state and no further action will be possible.

    2. Deny: If you deny the cancellation, the request will revert to its state prior to the cancellation being initiated.

  4. Add an optional note to the requester.

  5. Click Send response.