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In GOKb, TIPPs with a status of "expected" are titles that a content provider has announced will be part of a package, but which are not actually available yet. In many cases, these titles may not have even published any issues online. However, in many cases they may have a basic web site with information about the upcoming title. Some expected TIPPs can be handled using the TIPPStatus column in an OpenRefineYou can add a TIPPStatus column to your project to identify these titles as expected.

How do I identify an expected TIPP?


If you have identified one or more expected TIPPs in your project, you can add them to GOKb by follwing following the steps below:

  • Select the quick resolution menu for the warning message that reads "Import does not specify a TIPPStatus column."
  • Choose "add a blank column" to add a new column with the TIPPStatus heading.
  • For any titles that you have identified as expected, enter the value "Expected" in the TIPPStatus column for those titles.
  • You can leave any current titles blank – their status will be interpreted as "current" by the GOKb import process.