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  1. Navigate to the Directory entry entry that represents the institution or library or branch where the pick-up location can be found. (For most ReShare users, this will be the institution entry.)

  2. From the “Actions” menu on the directory record, select “Create unit.”

  3. Add the name and other details for your pick-up location.

    1. For the Type field, use “branch.”

    2. For the slug field, enter a unique value that can be used to identify the branch. If you are using an LMS location code, it is recommended that you make the slug the same.

    3. If you are using NCIP, be sure to populate the LMS Location Code field with the location code used by your local library management system. This code will be used by the NCIP AcceptItem call to communicate the correct pick-up location when a hold is placed for your patron.

  4. Save your record.

  5. Open the Tags helper app, and add the “pickup” tag. You must add the tag exactly as shown here: all lowercase, no punctuation.

  6. Your pick-up location will appear in the list of choices offered by ReShare’s OpenURL resolver (and on the VuFind request confirmation form) immediately.